How to Pronounce 'ELOQUENT' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word eloquent. This word means a person who is fluent and also persuasive in both speaking or writing. It can also refer to the action of clearly indication or expressing something. The word comes from Latin eloqui meaning to speak out.

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Master the grammar of a language is essential in order to speak properly and clear. English grammar is not particularly complex comparing with other languages,but as every language it has its own particular rules. Particularly the irregular verbs are very hard to remember for many students as they are all different and students must memorize all of them.This unit covered a few particular problems that a teacher is likely to encounter in their class and how to deal with each one. In most cases it seems that a teacher should be patient and conscientious with their teaching, always looking for ways to improve the students’ learning experience and mitigate any issues before they become too problematic.