How to Pronounce 'FIREBRAND'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word firebrand. This word has two different meanings. The first meaning is quite literal and describes burning wood. The second meaning is rather figurative as it refers to a person who is usually inflicting change as a result of being passionate about a certain topic or cause.

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Personally, enjoyed going through this unit and reading about the different roles of a good teacher, as well as the qualities of good learners. It was a good reminder that as teachers we are teaching people not just lessons. This unit also caused me to do a bit of self evaluation and to ask myself if I was meeting the requirements to be a better teacher.In this unit, I learned about classroom management. I learned about the use of eye contact, gesturing, and using my voice, about the pros and cons of different seating arrangements, about methods for handling and maintaining classroom discipline, about teacher talking time as compared to student talking time, and about establishing rapport with students.