How to Pronounce 'GOURMAND' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word gourmand. This word refers to a person who enjoys eating. The word found its way into the English language from the French language.

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This lesson is so good I have more understand about theories, methods and techniques that I never learn before. they are useful and help me to be a good teacher in the future.I have more idea to teach students and understand more how to do and what i should not do in the class. I do believe that I can teach them well and help them to learn English easilyThis unit was useful due to the fact that it covered new information but also information that was included in previous units, providing a review. After having completed the last unit of this course I feel more informed and prepared to encounter new types of groups but I also feel like I am now able to apply knowledge to teaching in a more affective way.