How to Pronounce 'HIDEBOUND'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word hidebound. This word refers to an unwillingness to change because of a tradition. Some synonyms for hidebound include conservative, conventional and reactionary.

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This unit correlated with what I learned in my Early Childhood Education degree. This unit gave a variety of ways to arrange a classroom as well as how to use your body language and voice to build relationships and manage the classes. By using a variety of teaching styles and room set ups, it can engage your students and keep thinks fun and this lesson we learn the importance of making a lesson plan, they suggest that lesson planning is not a good idea as it creates more fixed, teacher centered lesson, too much lesson planning can stop the teacher for being flexible, there are some important function in writing your lesson plan, 1. an aid to planning, 2.a working document, 3. a record...