How to Pronounce 'HUCKSTER'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "huckster". This word has to meanings an can either refer to someone who sells or advertises something in an aggressive and dishonest manner or to a person who creates promotions for commercial clients, such as for the radio or TV.

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Unit 8, future tenses, is similar to the past tenses unit. Key words are used in different forms to accurately describe the functions. “I will be having”, is a form of future continuous and is used to communicate different tasks. One is to refer to an event or task which are already decided. It’s the wording that really matters for function.The knowledge I have about writing a lesson plan has been really expanded after this impactful unit and I can now write a lesson plan in a more detailed and understandable manner. The three different stages in the ESA methodology which are the Engage, Study and Activate stages also will help me to break down what to do per time in the course of the lesson.