How to Pronounce 'INCULCATE' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "inculcate". This word is a verb and describes the act of teaching something through frequent repetitions. The word can be traced back to the Latin "inculcare", meaning "to tread on."

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There are many factors to consider in teaching vocabulary, grammar and functions. Base on experience, the pace of the learning process depends, most of the time, on what the students already know and how motivated they are. After finishing the unit I learned there are more to consider. I'm more knowledgeable now on how to teach these three efficiently.While it is refreshing to review grammar there are so many terms that I have not seen or used in many years. This unit was a good beginning to refresh my memory on old grammar and rhetoric classes taken in college. While it is only an overview it has awoken the obvious need to review the topic in order to better teach the language and it's components.