How to Pronounce 'JINNI' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "jinni". This word describes an entity or a spirit in Muslim beliefs that can take human or animal form and influence human with supernatural powers. The word came into the English language from the Arabic word "jinn?" that can also mean demon.

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This unit has shown me the difference between the condition of a sentence that contains 'if'. I've learnt how to interpret the sentence better. On the reported speech topic, this unit put it onto perspective for me how direct speech changes when you are reporting to another person. I've also gotten ideas on how to teach conditional speech in the i understand the need of listening to an audio CD for learning a new language in other to get the detailed information,Using authentic reading and listening materials with beginner students is a bad approach in receptive confidence building for beginners and when choosing a topic of a text the teacher Use a variety of topics to cater for all interests