How to Pronounce 'NEPOTISM'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word nepotism. This word refers to people in power favoring and giving powerful positions to friends or family. Some synonyms of the word include favoritism, bias, partiality, or partisanship.

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this unit is basically about productive skills which are Speaking and writing, and the purpose of speaking and writing which is for communication. learnt the guideline for a creative speaking activity such as Give simple and clear instructions.Ensure students have enough preparation time for the activity. Choose a topic that will motivate the students.This lesson added more clarity to the teaching process. I look forward to shadowing a teacher of young learners in the near future. I am going to go out this weekend and research teaching materials. I leave for Italy in 2 weeks and have already been going back and forth for over a year so I know that my area needs english teachers. I am very excited.