How to Pronounce 'NONAGE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word nonage. This word refers to the period of youth of a person as well as the lack of maturity of a person. Synonyms for nonage are minority and infancy.

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Unit Five discussed the various methods a teacher can use to maintain a classroom. This lesson went into details on how a teacher should conduct themselves in order to make sure the class stays on track in its lesson plan. This unit also provided tips on how to properly discipline students and get the class back on track whenever behavioral issues arise.This unit was about teaching special groups. This unit showed me how to deal with specific groups of students and methods I may use while teaching them. I've learned that the lessons must be prepared for the needs of the students. I've learned how to approach to groups of beginner students, how to give individual lessons and how to teach business people.