How to Pronounce 'OPERATIONALIZE' - English Pronunciation


In this epidose, we cover the pronunciation of the word operationalize. This word is used as a verb and refers to the action of putting something nto operation.

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Getting to know your students and establishing a rapport is one of the most important things you can do. it is important that your students know you and like you so that everything will be smooth sailing. as explained in the text, you can start out the first lesson by establishing rapport using a ball game as the first thing. Or maybe a group discussion.A follow up of unit 11. Teaching productive skills (Speaking and writing). In my experience these are the two skills most students have a lot of problems with. Especially speaking! Even though the content of this unit is more or less known. It is good to see it as an overview. The games and ideas for a lesson plan at the end of the unit are very welcome.