How to Pronounce 'QUIESCENT'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word quiescent. This word refers to a state of inactivity. Synonyms for quiescent include inactive, idle, at rest, and quiet.

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This unit covered what it will be like to manage a class of students as well as the methods that are appropriate to control the classroom. I learned how to encourage participation and how to build rapport with students as individuals as well as a whole. There are many things that I will take away from this unit as great key tools to classroom management.This was again a very interesting unit. I learnt about the different ways in which the teacher can hold the attention of their students. I also learnt about the different ways in which the class can be divided up depending on the nature of the activity. Lastly, I learnt about the various positions a teacher can take depending on the stage of the lesson.