How to Pronounce 'REJUVENATE' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word rejuvenate. This word is used as a verb and refers to making a person look or feel younger, as well as fresher, and more lively. Some synonyms for rejuvenate include revive, revitalize and regenerate. The word is a combination from re- ‘again’ and the Latin word juvenis meaning ‘young’.

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Teaching equipment can be used to make my class interesting.There are many things can be called or used as teaching equipments,such as:board,dictionaries.Each of those equipments has it's own advantages,teachers need to take advantages of these equipments.With the science improving,we should try to use those science products to help wuth the class.This unit teaches about the elements of a speech namely, the subject, verb, object, and auxiliary elements (e.g. prepositions, adverbs, pronouns, etc.). From my opinion, it the most important of all units—no wonder it is the number 2 unit—as it teaches the basics of sentence structuring. Sentences are at the very heart of every language speech.