How to Pronounce 'TENET' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word tenet. This word refers mainly to princibles of a religion or philosophy. Some synonyms for tenet can include principle, belief or doctrine. The word comes from the Latin word tenere meaning ‘he holds’.

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My biggest take away from this lesson was the realization of how flexible a lesson plan can be according to the level and maturity of the students. I really enjoyed learning about how each stage of the lesson (engage-study-activate) can be manipulated through methods such as games, music and debate in order to maximize each student's learning experience.I thought this was a very good section because a big part of teaching is not only making sure you are accurate and fair, but also that you make your lesson fun and engaging. This section gave me great ideas for games and the knowledge of when and where it is appropriate to utilize them in my lessons. It was also very useful for the creative writing tips.