How to Pronounce 'VARIETY' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word variety. This word is used as a noun and describes a state of being different or diverse. The words diversity and variation can be used as synonyms for variety. The word comes from the Latin word varietas.

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I have learned the different types of tests to know the level of their students. The progress tests is given to in four types of tests like reading,writing,speaking and listening. Diagnostic tests are given to the start of the course to see what the students already know. Practice tests is a form of a test to prepare the students for the external tests.This was a very informative module regarding the students and their problems that we may encounter. It gives the problems of specific students and ways in which one should deal with them and how to cope in the classroom. One should always build rapport with the students first and find out their level of competency before embarking on any grammar lessons.