How to Pronounce 'WHODUNIT'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word whodunit. This word describes a mystery or detective story that can either be a movie, a book, a play or anything to that extend. It is basically a short form of the words Who has done it?, meaning who is the criminal / murder in the story.

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The information given in Unit 10 about testing and evaluating of students is very valuable especially to new teachers of English as a second language to non English speaking students. I appreciate the information included in each type of test mentioned and how each test is to be used to help teachers evaluate their students' progress in learning English.Everyone knows that the grammar, the tenses in English present the difficulty for the learners. This unit is full of areas, such as forms, usages, examples, ideas , errors for the present tenses. The information is given so clear, with the examples, so everyone can understansd well. The present tenses are the base and the first steps in learning English.