How to Pronounce 'YOUTHQUAKE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word youthquake. This word describes a change in cultural standards brought about tastes and values by the young population. The word is a combination of youth and earthquake indicating the power of the young.

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This unit really illustrated to me the importance of teacher attitude and preparation for a successful learning environment. The biggest difference apparent to me between the two videos was the level of student participation and confidence. The time it took to gain rapport and build confidence in students took very little time and made a huge difference.This unit is about the present tenses of the English language.Tense means time. There are twelve tenses in all. The present tenses are the present simple, present continuous (progressive), present perfect and present perfect continuous.Each tense has its own form and usage. There are various activities for learners that help them practise English tenses.