Classroom Management for Teaching English as a Foreign Language - Common Issues


There are some other classroom management issues that we need to consider and they may include issues such as writing on the board, giving students individual attention, the use of teacher talk time, the way in which we should give instructions to our students, the building and maintaining of rapport with our students, and finally the one that perhaps most new teachers particularly spend a lot of time worrying and thinking about, is the issue of classroom discipline. So what we'd like to do is to take each of these in turn and look at some of the major issues surrounding these classroom management issues.

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This unit is a good reminder to be mindful of gestural as well as verbal cues in teaching ... body language is essential to humans and so, essential to learning also. Knowing about the different groupings of students for 'drill work' is not only useful but absolutely sensible: pairs for example, are wonderful for practising drills and testing each other.Testing and Evaluation are very important to measure the students progress, and to measure the teachers (my own) teaching effectiveness. Learning the different tests and evaluations for different stages in a course was beneficial. Seeing sample testing and methods is like a picture being worth a thousand words, it made the text completely understandable.