Classroom Management for Teaching English as a Foreign Language - Using Students' Names


It is very important that whenever we?re doing an activity that we use the students names wherever possible when we're asking for feedback and so on and so forth. There are a number of benefits to using the students? names and they can include helping to actually organize the class itself, certainly to acknowledge when a student has given the correct answer and so forth, to indicate who should respond, rather than just asking a general question to the whole class. By using the names we can ask an individual to respond to that particular question. One point to note here is that if you are going to ask an individual student it is very useful if you put their name at the end of the question. This is useful because if you start with their name then all of the other students know that you're not going to be asking them, whereas if you leave the name until the end of the question everyone at least will have the chance to think about the answer in case you actually call upon them. So moving on from the use of their names, the use of your eyes and voice and gesture, what about the actual classroom arrangement itself?

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This unit was very insightful. I know that I have personally experienced language teachers like that in the first video and in the second and it is so vital to the students' learning that they have a teacher who is positive, engaging, friendly, helpful and who actually has interest in the class. I definitely picked up some good tips from the second video!Unit 17 presents different teaching aids that teachers can use to make the class more interesting and less dependent on the textbook. All the equipment and teaching aids from the traditional ones - white / black board or use of cassette recorder - to the latest one - interactive white board - can increase the efficiency of the teaching / learning process.