Coursebooks and Materials - Types of Materials


This presentation is going to focus on the use of course books, materials and teaching aids. There are many materials that we can bring to our classroom that will help with the teaching of our lessons and these include, though they're not limited to, things such as the wipe board, similar to the one that we're using here, various types of visual aids, created or bought worksheets, the use of cassettes CDs and DVDs and the use of video and in these classroom materials, we can also include things such as dictionaries and course books, various types of resource books that we'll have a look at and other materials such as photo copiers, computers, OHPs. So what we'd like to do is just to take a general look at some of the issues relating to each of these types of materials.

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In this section/unit we learned about the many different past tenses. We learned about the structure, usage, and teaching ideas for each of the different past tenses. The different types of past tenses are Past Simple, Past Perfect, Past Continuous and Past Perfect Continuous. We also learned many example sentences for each of the different past tenses.I have always been more receptive to Receptive teaching lessons however, I now can understand, after this lesson I can appreciate the value of Produsctive teaching skills to new language learners. In the end, all that reallly matters is that we, as teacher's have to form a rapport with our studdents and figure out the best way to to teach our message.