English Grammar -- Present Simple -- Usage -- Online TESOL Course This video outlines two usages of the Present Simple tense. There are several usages but the video focuses on the two main ones. The first usage is to talk about habits and routines. For example, I teach every Monday. She walks to school every day. It rains almost every day in the wet season. His mother does yoga twice a week. The second main usage of the Present Simple is to talk about general facts and truths. For example, The sun rises in the east. The earth is round. She works at the local mall. Coming to terms with the tense system can often cause both students and teachers the greatest amount of difficulty, not to mention other grammar points such as conditionals, modals, active and passive voice. ITTT's online teaching courses assume no previous knowledge of English grammar terms. The online courses will provide you with the skills needed to be an effective teacher of grammar. For more information and to select the right Online TESOL Course for you follow the link above. /// -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Are you ready to Teach English Abroad? -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Teachers can be the leading role on class, meanwhile, teachers should offer opportunities for students to interact with each other, it is also a way for teachers to evaluate how much progress that students have achieved. And I strongly believe that being controller of the class is to manage a good class rule and create a better learning environment for students.This unit had to do with the different types of present tenses, which is a necessity when learning about the English language. Without using the right tense, it can make your sentences confusing and often times impossible to understand. This unit gave me great information and refreshed my knowledge of the difference between the different types of present tenses.