Overview of All English Tenses - Present Tenses Overview - Present Perfect Continuous


We can see that this particular usage of the unfinished past can be used for both the present perfect and the present perfect continuous. Where we've got action verbs, we usually prefer to use the present perfect continuous. However, there are state verbs which don't usually go into the continuous form, such as 'know'. We would say 'I have known her for 10 years,' not 'I have been knowing her for 10 years.' So when we have these state verbs, such as 'know', 'be', 'seem' and 'appear', we would usually put these in the present perfect but with the action verbs, such as 'play', 'cook', 'work', we will use these in the present perfect continuous. Normally, we also use the present perfect continuous fairly frequently with words, such as just or recently to express a recently completed action with the present results, for example 'I am tired because I have been playing football.'

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In this unit, I reviewed the various future tenses. Some future tenses were familiar to me and some were not, but overall they were fairly self-explanatory. I learned that some present tenses are applicable when speaking in the future tense such as present simple and present continuous. I also learned that there is an infinitive/\"going to\" future tense.Unit 2 is about the teaching and learning practices of young learners. It first talks about the several different learning theories, then how one learns their native language versus learning a second language, and it lastly focuses on how to teach between the two groups such as group 1 is the 5 to 9 years old and the second group is the 9 to 13 years old.