Productive and Receptive Skills in the ESL Classroom - Speaking Skills - Study Phase


Once we're satisfied that all the students have been engaged and that they've been given the opportunity to say something, we can move on to our study phase. Here, it may be necessary or useful to actually pre-teach some gaps in knowledge that have been shown from the engage phase and those gaps in knowledge may include actual grammar structures or indeed useful vocabulary and it's very important that, before we move on to doing any forms of activity, we check their understanding of this material. So, we need to do some study exercises. It's also very useful if you leave this information up on the board through all that study period. Those study activities can just be the normal types of gap fills or matching activities and, as always, we need to demonstrate those activities, elicit correct answers before we actually give out the material and, once they are doing the activity monitor. When it's complete, we can then feedback and correct as necessary.

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In this unit I learned about lesson planning and the different stages that a lesson should have. I also liked that there was an example of what a lesson plan could look like. I will definitely make use of that for my lessons as well in future. I learned the importance of a good lesson plan and also that lesson plans should be flexible and goal orientated.The unit is on grammar, how the different parts of speech are been used in a sentence and their functions and the construction of sentences. A sentence must consist of at least a subject and a verb. A good teacher should be able to guide the students on how to communicate using the different parts of speech and properly know their function as the proceed.