Teaching Special Groups in ESL - Typical Process For Business English Classes


Regardless of which particular business English setting you find yourself teaching in, there is a typical process that is recommended to go through before you start your course. Watch this video for helpful tips and tricks for anyone who is teaching business English classes.

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By studying this unit, I was able to have a refresher on what exactly is meant by a verb, adverb, and adjective among many other grammar related terms. This unit has allowed me to re-learn some grammar related basics that I have long forgotten, yet have used on a daily basis. I hope to continue to utilize this unit to keep these terms fresh in my mind.Past tense is one of the most difficult to explain to students. Especially how an irregular verbs should be changed or why are they changed and not just add -ed or -d like the regular verbs. This lesson taught me how past tenses are categorized accordingly. Before, I am just using the past tenses without the grammar rules. Thank you for this lesson.