The Future Tenses - 'Going To' Future - Teaching Ideas


This video looks at various teaching ideas for the 'going to' future tense. Pictures are a great tool for lower-level students to look at evidence based on the pictures and making predictions using the 'going to' future. Other ideas might include weather predictions, as well as planning a party or holiday.

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Unit 18 talks more about English grammar. This units examine modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice in detail. Modal verbs express different ideas, such as: obligation, possibility, permission, ability and advice. I like the given table in this unit with list of modal verbs, use and examples. I would use it at my lessons as a material for students.Unit 3 is all about classroom management, it also tells us how to use eye contact inside the classroom, in this unit we also learn the importance of gestures, it also give us the importance on how we deliver our voice during the whole class, it is also important to use student names right after each questions this will help the whole class to be alert..