The Future Tenses - 'Going To' Future - Structure and Usages


The 'going to' future tense is used to indicate future plans with intentions and predictions based on evidence. It is a very common future tense used in both spoken and written English.

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Again, this unit is an upgrade from the previous ones. English is more complicated than I realized. There are so many rules and exceptions, unlike other languages. English is so very precise. I know English and I'm a little lost sometimes learning it. I think I'll be able to empathize with my students since it's not their first language, like mine.Unit 6, past tenses, went over how the English language discusses past events. Key words are important to look for with each type past tense. Past perfect usually uses a form of had between the subject and the verb. Past continuous uses a form of was or were between the subject and the verb. The word choices with each sentence type dictates the meaning.