The Past Tenses - Past Simple - Mill Drill Activity


This video is part of our series on the past tenses in English. We start off the series with the past simple tense. In this video, we show you how to execute a mill drill activity for this tense. Here, the teacher provides the students with a survey or questionnaire with statements in the past simple tense. The students then go around the classroom and ask other students about their past experiences.

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One more \"piece of cake\" unit for a non-native. I cannot say much about this unit - it refreshed my knowledge of Future Continuous and Future Perfect Continuous though. Both tenses are the hardest for my students to understand, since in their (mine as well) native language (Azerbaijani) they simply don't exist (but expressed in other ways, of course).This unit was about choosing the right teaching and learning materials based on your class. I learned that in certain situations, many coursebooks are beneficial and in other situations you have to be creative and pull authentic and classroom relevant materials for the students. I think I will be able to utilize this classroom planning for my classroom.