The Past Tenses - Past Simple - Structure


This video is part of our series on the past tenses in English. We start off the series with the past simple tense. This tense is used to express completed actions in the past. In this video, we focus on the structure of the past simple.

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In this unit, it taught me how to develop the reading and listening skills of the students. It discuses the different strategies to motivate the students interest to the topic they are reading. In developing students' reading and listening skills, teacher must be innovative in crating presenting the lesson otherwise the students may lost their interest.Unit 19 covers teaching specific groups such as an individual, younger learners, or business crowds. When teaching each group its best to identify specific needs based on them. For example, beginner learners require as many visuals as possible. Business learners may require an adaptable lesson plan in case the clients are too tired from working all day.