Conditionals and Reported Speech - Backshifting Places


There are certain words that need backshifting when using reported speech. In this video we look at backshifting places in reported speech. This video is specifically aimed at teaching reported speech in an ESL setting.

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This section covers two very important areas of grammar which are conditionals and reported speech. Conditions are commonly used in English and a good grasp of how they work is needed to master the language. Reporting is used regularly in standard speech and being able to dynamically change the tense of a sentence to match the report is a needed skill.I knew a lot of the material in this course already but it was good to learn some techniques and methods for how to approach planning a syllabus in different circumstances, like whether or not the school has a set syllabus or not. It was also good to learn about the prescribed targets for the CYLE tests and other tests discussed in the course material.