Modals and Passive Voice - What are modal auxiliary verbs?


This video focuses on modal auxiliary verbs. The words "might", "could" and "must" are modal auxiliary verbs. These verbs express the speaker's feeling or attitude towards the particular verb following the modal.

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Using course books are tricky matter, sometimes I found they were not working in classes. The reasons varies: students level of English, age, nationality. Relaying too much on course books make teachers lazy, more like, make them disengage from classes and students. Overall, we have to be careful about how we use books and how much we have to relay on.In this unit I have gained knowledge about ideas for activities in the classroom such as memory games, alphabet introductions, slow pictionary, and many more. I found it very helpful learning about when to correct students and the best approach to correcting to benefit the learner. Overall, a lot of knowledge about staging out different learning plans.