TEFL 120-hour Course - Unit 10


Unit 10 provides students with the opportunity to see two real English language classes in progress one effective and one not so effective. During this unit you will analyze the two lessons and gain an understanding of how your attitude as a teacher and the way you interact with your students affects their ability and motivation to learn.

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There is an integral relationship between a teacher and a student. Teachers who are passionate about what they do and meaningfully engage they students would have good students. I have learnt that a good teacher does not necessarily care about what she is teaching but rather how well she can impart information to the students in a passionate and kind manner.progress, placement and other tests are used to determine where the student is in regards to knowing the language you are teaching. Using this knowledge Teachers can group students of the same level together and expect work on the level they were placed in. this helps insure you and the students are on the same page as far as where they are in teaching them.