Teach English in Chengdu-shi

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Teach English in Yaodu Zhen, Chengdu Shi
Unit 2 is very important, according to my understanding, it provides teachers skills that should be used in handling students of different age groups,it also describes what a teacher becomes in different situations such as being a Psychologist when he deals with student problems
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Teach English in Yongan Zhen, Chengdu Shi
This unit has taught me a lot regarding the approach to different age groups and how to present the material in a way that will engage them and keep them interested throughout the lesson
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Teach English in Yongning Zhen, Chengdu Shi
in this unite I learned that not all the students are the same that we must take the ages in consider and how to deal with them and what the attractive points for each age also I learned about adopting an approach according to the students ages, also the different and advantages and disadvantages between the classroom arrangements ways and more about the teacher's roles , I learned and understand the students skills and how to improve it
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Teach English in Yongxing Zhen, Chengdu Shi
I learned the following today, Learning and Behavioral Theories (Maturation Theory, Environmental Theory, Constructivism), Native Language vs Language Acquisition, some important research findings about Language Acquisition, how to develop an appropriate approach in terms of choosing how the students sit and when to facilitate the classroom seating arrangement, the role of teacher in the classroom, etc
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