Teach English in Guangyuan-shi

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Teach English in Baiqiao Zhen, Guangyuan Shi
What I have learnt from this unit is that being prepared and being creative with your class by identifying the theme is a higher order skill depending on the diffirent age group
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Teach English in Chaotian Zhen, Guangyuan Shi
This unit is every useful for lack experiences teach for preparing the material theme in the class, the unit gives the ideal of different games of lesson and the suitable theme for different age and teacher make the game to adopt teaching point instead the other way round because the teaching point is the majority and that is what been shown on your lesson plan
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Teach English in Dashi Zhen, Guangyuan Shi
The content of this unit is about creating lesson plans for Young Learners using songs and music, because it is an effective memorization technique and lots of fun for them
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