Teach English in Ningbo-shi

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Teach English in Baoshuiqu, Ningbo Shi
Interesting unit, explaining the basic concepts of teaching new language and also providing some very useful techniques and examples on how a teacher can introduce a lesson on the latter
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Teach English in Dayan Zhen, Ningbo Shi
As the section is titled, it talks about teaching new language to foreign speakers; specifically when it comes to vocabulary selection, grammar, and specific language functions
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Teach English in Dayin Zhen, Ningbo Shi
Dear Sis, I have taken part in Unit 7 to teach new languages to help me have a lot of useful knowledge and I have applied in the process of teaching students appropriately and creating excitement for students to grasp the lesson
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Teach English in DongqianhuZhen, Ningbo Shi
This part is about vocabulary, grammar and functions which are trunk,branches and leaves of English, they played different roles in English which are important equivalently
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Teach English in DongwuZhen, Ningbo Shi
Overall, I think this unit is great in teaching learners vocabulary, particularly because learning vocabulary is one of the biggest agendas in most schools
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