Teach English in Zigong-shi

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Teach English in anxi Zhen, Zigong Shi
This section has covered many different teaching methods and I have found that the Lexical approach has worked well for me in the past when I learned Thai language
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Teach English in Baohua Zhen, Zigong Shi
Unit 3 dealt extensively with Theories, Methods and Techniques used in the classroom by teachers when teaching English, this is their way of helping students learn
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Teach English in Changshan Zhen, Zigong Shi
In this unit, I feel as though I have gathered knowledge on specific techniques that will allow me to develop curriculum and engage with students in the classroom
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Teach English in Dujia Zhen, Zigong Shi
This unit focuses on the methodologies of teaching, such as Grammar-translation; Audio - lingualism; Presentation, practice and production; Task - based learning; Communicative language; Community Language Learning; The silent way; Suggestopaedia and the Lexical approach, giving us deeper knowledge about all of them and aiming that it depends on individual circumstances which one should be used and when
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