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J.R. - Vietnam said:
As I am living with a child who just one year ago did not speak english, this course has indeed been a gift to me. The course has constantly given me tools, ideas and hard facts to help me in supporting this child with his english language skills. As I have been able to utilize the course skills for real life situations throughout the coursework, I have learned a tremendous amount. I have been able to see firsthand what may work and what flops. When I decided to take the course it was solely so that I could better support this child to learn english. Now, he is doing quite well and I am for the first time thinking that I will use my skills to volunteer as I see firsthand what an advantage this child already has over non-english speaking vietnamese. Also, the school that my son and this child attend has asked if I would be interested in being a substitute when the esl teacher is absent. An added benefit was it forced me to understand how to use the functions on my computer!