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A. M. - India said:
The tefl course has been very informative and interesting for me. All the teaching theories were always supported with practical teaching ideas. The grammar sections of the course were extremely beneficial for me, since I never had grammar, as a subject, in the international schools I studied in. It was very interesting to see the different types of tenses and each ones form and usage. The part that made it meaningful was the “common errors” and “teaching ideas.” These sections helped me not only learn about the tenses but also understand how I can use it practically in teaching. The games, activities etc were useful and will help me make my students, understand grammar in a practical manner. I especially liked how each tense was broken up into the parts: form, usage, error, teaching idea. This made it easier to understand and remember. I can definitely use the knowledge learned in teaching, with the help of the teaching ideas suggested. (role play, crossword, word search, Pictionary etc.) The lesson planning exercises also helped me understand, the amount of detailing that a teacher has to think about before conducting a lesson. During the course, by doing these lesson plans practically, it enabled me to summarize all my thoughts on one sheet. This was also very beneficial for me and I will be definitely incorporating this with every lesson I do hence forth. It not only acts as plan / outline of the lesson but also can be used, as a record to refer to, for future lessons. Overall I enjoyed every moment of this course, thanks to my tutor Jon, who gave me prompt, detailed and honest feedback on every unit. I look forward to the young learners and business english course.