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There are several reasons for classroom management problems. Perhaps the students are bored or tired of sitting for so long. Perhaps they did not choose to study and therefore lack motivation. Perhaps they don't understand the instructions and misbehave to get attention. Whatever the reason for their misbehavior, you, as the teacher, are in charge and must take control of the classroom. You must find the right balance between being friendly and kind and exercising control. It is better to err on the side of being more strict initially, as it is much harder to become strict later if you have been too relaxed. The key to classroom management is the teacher's attitude towards the students. When the students love and respect you as their teacher, they are much more likely to behave well. Some good tips for classroom management are: ? Ensure that your lesson plans are effective. If the lesson is unprepared or ill-timed, it is likely to cause problems. Create balanced lessons that are interesting, challenging, and fun. ? Use simple language. It is very easy to get frustrated when the students don't understand you. However, this might be because you are using language that is too difficult for them. Remember, they are just learning the english language, so use terms that are simple and easy to understand. ? Praise and encourage your students when they do well. People respond much better to praise than criticism. Degrading them only lowers their self-esteem and focuses on the negative. Instead, draw attention to the good. Congratulate your students on their accomplishments. This goes a long way in motivating and inspiring them and promotes a positive attitude. ? Interact with the students. Don't just hang around your desk or the board the whole time. If they are doing activities in groups, you can quietly walk around and see if they need any help. Being closer to the students allows them to ask for help right away if they need it. It also allows you to monitor them more closely in the event that any problems might come up. ? Maintain clear boundaries and be sure the students understand you are their teacher, not their best friend. You want to be friendly, of course, but do not let them become too familiar with you. ? Reward the students for good behavior. Paying special attention to well-behaved students will often inspire the others to behave as well. ? Show your students that you are trustworthy. Be consistent and fair. If you are constantly changing the rules, the students will know you they cannot trust you. Establish clear rules and stick to them. Do not yell at the students, belittle them or call them names. Strive to keep your cool even in trying situations. ? Vary your teaching style and keep things interesting. If you teach in the same manner every day, the students can easily become bored, which often leads to misbehavior. The students are much more likely to pay attention when they are enjoying the class. Make good use of games and activities in your teaching and ensure that they stay engaged and focused on the objective. By using these tips, you will keep control of your classroom; your students will respect you and they will likely really enjoy the learning process.