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Oregon is one of only three mainland states with a Pacific Coast and also referred to as “The Beaver State”, due to its abundant natural landscapes. What makes Oregon so unique is its collection of rivers, lakes, lush forests, snowy mountains and calm coastline. Oregon has a long history of various tribes of Native Americans populating the various regions. Today, Oregon is the 9th largest state in the US and a popular vacation destination among Americans who visit the state to get away from the hustle and bustle of their cities and to fully embrace the natural wonders that Oregon has to offer.

You best discover Oregon’s hidden gems on foot. If you are in Oregon, you will soon make out the snowy peak of Mt. Hood that is visible for miles and miles in the distance. Mt. Hood features a collection of eleven individual glaciers around the snowy peak. At six exciting ski areas, visitors get the chance to engage in winter sports throughout the entire year. Even if you are not looking for some action on the slopes, you can simply relax at one of the many cozy lodges offering splendid views of the peak. Not only is Mt. Hood a perfect winter destination, but the area is actually a tourist hotspot throughout the whole year. In the spring, the valleys and forests are the ideal location for relaxing hikes, as they are filled with sweet lavender and wildflowers. Later on in the fall, many people come here to pick apples, pears and different berries.

Despite the fact that Oregon is home to a 363-mile long Pacific Coast, you will not find many people bathing in the sun wearing a bikini hear. The windy coastline does, however, invite the most adventurous surfers of all who are looking to catch high waves. You can also find quiet tide pools to splash in on the many bays along the coast. There are also many miles of coastal hikes leading you along picturesque villages, lighthouses and bay areas. If you stray a little further from the shore, you will be able to spot some of the largest marine mammals on earth. In fact, Oregon is one of the best places for whale watching in the country, with gray whales being spotted the most common. History enthusiasts will find great pleasure exploring the Painted Hills, a collection of sandstones that formed over a period of millions of years. Today, you can make out the different eras by looking at the different colored layers of the claystones. The Painted Hills will definitely make you stand in awe of Oregon’s long history.

While the natural scenery in Oregon surely is superb, you will also find exciting cities in this state. The most visited metropolis of all is Portland, located in the Pacific Northwestern region. The city enjoys a great reputation regarding its culinary scene with some of the best restaurants, bars and coffee shops on the West Coast. You will not get bored when in Portland as it is home to a great selection of art galleries, museums, arcades, live music venues, gardens and unique boutique stores. On top of that, Forest Park is the perfect place to escape the urban hustle and bustle as it has hiking trails of over 40 miles. Forest Park is also one of the largest city parks in the entire country.

It is true that Oregon offers some of the best higher education in the region. The University of Oregon, Portland State University and Oregon State University are great examples of the state’s excellent educational programs. Join our training center in downtown Portland and you will have the perfect stepping-stone towards your international TEFL career.

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