Between vs Among - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


This video breaks down the difference between "among" and "between". The word "between" is used to refer to two or more things that are distinct. A great example would be: "Choose between the red and the green socks". Here, we use "between" as the socks are clearly different and separated. "Among", on the other hand, is used to refer to things that are part of a group or mass, such as in this example: "Choose among all your socks" here we use ?among? because we are talking about all of the socks. Let's take a look at two more examples to make the difference even clearer. "I am walking between Baker Street and 5th Avenue." Here, we are talking about two separate streets and use 'between'. "I am walking among my friends." In this example, we're talking about more than two people and need to use 'among'. When unsure about which word to use, simply thin about if you are referring to something that is clearly separated or something that is part of a mass or a group.

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This unit was an overview on the future tense. As stated at the beginning of the unit, the future tense seems confusing, as many of the forms of the tense are similar or have similar usages. It will be important to emphasize the distinctions between the forms with students, and also allow for plenty of practice with the future tense to ensure correct usage.The contrast of being creative and using authentic material versus using course books and published material shows that it would be best to implement a balance of both. Using the published material for a framework of study sprinkled with authentic and created materials can add enough interest and confidence to the students to help further push their skills.