How to Pronounce 'CAPTIOUS'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word captious. This word describes a person who likes to point out flaws and errors and enjoys raising objections to other people's statements or opinions. Common synonyms for captious can be critical, faultfinding, and judgmental.

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In this video lesson we can observe the same lesson being taught twice. Watching the video is easy to recognize the errors made by the teacher and the lesson is not taught effectively. The difference between the first and the second lesson is very clear and show how the teacher's behavior influences the students and the Whole atmosphere of the classroom.This unit discussed classroom management. It explains that there are many ways that teachers can control the classroom, such as physical seating arrangements, eye contact, gestures, tone, volume, and rapport. Teachers should arrange the classroom in a way that allows students to maximize their talking time while still having the teacher be the authority.