Conditionals and Reported Speech - The First Conditional


The first conditional is used for likely results of possible future situations, as well as promises, threats, warnings or back-up plans. This video is specifically aimed at teaching the first conditional in an ESL setting.

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Unit fist aims to briefly overview the course of Teaching English to Young Learners. It starts from discussing the content of the course and explaining how the course works. We learn that the goal of the course is to study ideas and methodologies with reference to young learners. The chapter defines a young learner as anyone between 5 and 13 years old.Giving punishments to students can be tricky indeed. Since I don't have any formal teaching experience, I sometimes worry that I might accidentally exacerbate the problem instead of helping. After reading this chapter however, I definitely feel more informed about the proper course of action. When in doubt, I can always confide in with another teacher.