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J.T. – Spain said:
Through studying this course I have gained great insights and confidence. This course exceeded my expectations. It is a great feeling to take the course at your own pace and the course outline did a great job keeping me interested. Being a native english speaker I have learned a lot more than expected about the english language which I think should have known before. I've come to understand that there is a lot more phycology involved in teaching. Overall the course was very informative and good. The basic principles on teaching were covered and many new ideas were taught. I enjoyed the course very much and all the resources and information provided as well. The support provided by my tutor was fantastic of which I have taken to note word by word as I am sure it will empower in the future... From here on forward I feel like I can take stride with wind in my back as I conquer the world as an english teacher "officially certified" :)) I plan to use my certificate to teach english here in seville, spain at a professional english language Institute “Giralda Centre” whereas before I could only teach private classes...