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P. W. – U.S.A. said:
Having grown up in an english speaking country (US), there are many things that I take for granted in terms of english grammar. Through this course, I have been reminded of the intricacies of the spoken and written language that I have long forgotten from my primary school days. This helps me appreciate the difficulties of learning different languages, especially as I live in china now and have to learn chinese. It has been an interesting process of going back over basic grammar and basic rules of the english language. As I begin to teach others basic english grammar, I will be able to go back to these lessons and continually refresh my memory of grammar structures and techniques in making english learning fun! As I am trying to start an english Consulting Center here in china, I hope to put the lessons I have learned here in this course to good use. Part of the english Consulting Center will be tutoring children and adults in spoken and written english language. This course has been a great resource in helping me prepare to teach and put together lessons for the future. I am glad that I chose to take this course.