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J. M. – U.S.A. said:
I think a lot of what I gained through this course is discussed in Task 3 (Why complete a tefl course). The thing I have gained from this course is confidence in teaching abroad. I have a lot of experience in leading groups of students in recreational activities, but not very much experience leading in an educational environment. This course has given me the tools to make me feel like I can succeed when teaching abroad. From this course I feel like I have received an overview of the material I will be teaching in an efl course. I understand the course did not cover everything that I will teach abroad, but it did give me the basic knowledge and a view for what lies ahead. Before this course I would not have had the confidence I have today. Another area I gained knowledge from this course is giving feedback. I know this was not a topic covered in this course, but I feel the feedback given to me by my tutor was straightforward enough for me to understand where I needed to adjust, yet calm enough for me never to feel attacked. I have previously been in managerial roles where it was required to give feedback to staff working for me; I have had my fair share of successful and unsuccessful chats before. In a process of leading by example, I think my tutor (Jon!) has given me tools to be successful at giving appropriate feedback. This will surely come in handy when working to improve the english skills of my students.