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english is the most widely spoken language in the world. It is the official language 54 countries, and is increasingly used in global commerce, diplomacy, and science, as well as industries like aviation and seafaring. “Riding the crest of globalization and technology, english dominates the world as no language ever has.” (Mydans) Beginning with the British creation of an empire on which the sun never set, english has penetrated the world like no other language before it. Anglophone music and movies are some of the most popular in the world. While regional competitors exist such as Bollywood in india and Nollywood in Nigeria, the significance of english can be seen in the imitation of Hollywood used by these industries. Hollywood movies now do some of their most significant earnings on the global market, and some Anglophone recording artists, such as David Hasselhoff, are more popular abroad than they are in America. This explosion of pop culture has made english more popular than ever as a global language. english is now the lingua franca of the moment (Kelly), and may continue to be for a long while. english can also serve as a neutral language in countries with diverse populations. In india and Nigeria, for instance, english can be used as a lingua franca so minorities don't feel dominated by the majority. In this way, english can help unite diverse communities so that they have something in common. In a country like the philippines, which is made up of thousands of islands, english can help people understand each other no matter how remote their community. The aviation and maritime industries conduct the majority of global trade and commerce. english has become the official language of these industries. For most people, getting an administrative job in these positions will require some knowledge of english, and certainly to advance in such a career path. The crews of fishing boats and cargo tankers are increasingly multinational, and can have crews from two or more continents. “They don't speak each others language at all, they only have a couple of common words between crews and officers.” (Field) The crew members of these boats don't necessarily need to know a word of english, but with a multinational crew it can help increase communication and even improve safety among such different people with no other common language. In our increasingly globalized world, the job market is becoming more and more competitive. Knowledge of english can give a job seeker a leg up on one that only knows one language. “It's simple. International business is done in english. And all business today is international.” (Szynalski) The influence of American culture and values has led to an increasingly consumerist and capitalist model being followed all over the world, and now people don't accept their lot in life as a simple person stuck farming for life. People everywhere now dream of starting a business and becoming rich, or joining a company and earning a large salary. With the global financial centers being in london and New York (Yeandle), it is clear why english is very important. english is currently the most used language in the world, and only looks to increase. Whether through pop culture, business, or the legacy of imperialism, english is now an official language on five continents and in 54 countries. In our increasingly interconnected world, knowledge of english can be a crucial leg up in the job market.

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