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J. M. - U.S.A. said:
Taking a tefl course was not required to teach english in South Korea before this year. I decided to take a tefl course because I knew it would grant me a higher salary when teaching abroad. (Later I found out, starting this year, a tefl course was a requirement to teach in South Korea). I wasn't sure how helpful the course was going to be, but I knew it couldn't hurt. After taking a tefl course, I would suggest it to anybody who has never taught the english language. The tefl course has made me feel more comprehensive and confident going into my teaching experience. There were so many parts of the english language that had grown hazy since my time in school. The tefl course allowed me to review many parts of speech and tenses used in the english language and gave me methods for teaching those subjects. Not only did the course allow me to brush the dust off when it came to my english comprehension, it also taught me new skills that will be serve in teaching english abroad. I learned the pattern of intonation in the english language and how stress in a sentence changes the meaning of a sentence. I think the most helpful information I learned was how to read phonemic symbols. As mentioned before, not only did I learn these new english skills, the course also gave me the tools to successfully teach these subjects. I would have never thought about any of these things before blindly going into a TESL experience. Now that I've studied these subjects, I have more confidence moving into my role as a foreign english teacher. I have worked with children for the past six years in after-school and recreational programs. Before this course, I thought this was going to be enough to be successful at a TESL position in South Korea. After taking a tefl course, I can admit to myself I was wrong. Behavior management and lesson planning is something I am very comfortable with in a recreational setting, but in an education setting, it is completely different. The most beneficial part of the course was learning about Engage-Study-Activate lesson plans and the different ways to implement them. The first couple of lesson plans I programmed felt unnatural to me. The tefl course allowed me to organize many practice lessons plans, and today I feel much more comfortable programming in an educational setting. It was not only the lesson planning that was beneficial; learning about managing an educational classroom was also beneficial. I know many different behavior management techniques, but many new ones arose out of this course. Different seating arrangements and using the white board efficiently are just two that I would never have imagined. I also learned varying my role as a teacher, an observer and a participant can prove to help with managing the classroom effectively. While I have many years of experience working with the younger population, the teaching skills I learned will undoubtedly be crucial to my success as a foreign language teacher. I’m not sure if a tefl course would be as beneficial to someone who has already had english teaching experience, but for someone who has none, it proves to be very beneficial. The comprehensive skills and personal confidence gained will go a long way into making me a successfully foreign language teacher. Even if it’s just for the fact to gain insight on what the teaching experience might be like, I would highly suggest a tefl course to most anybody who wants to teach english abroad.