Teach English in Meishan-shi

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Teach English in Dongyue Zhen, Meishan Shi
the unit highlights the qualities a teacher should have, qualities a good learner has and how a teacher has to adopt different roles in different situation to bring out the best result from different students
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Teach English in Duoyue Zhen, Meishan Shi
This unit covers the relationships between learners and teachers, what makes a good teacher and a good learner, the different language levels and how the different ages (adults and young children) differ from behaviour in the classroom to the motivation it takes to learn the English language
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Teach English in Fujia Zhen, Meishan Shi
The unit first describes the characteristics of a good teacher which can be summarized as follows: A good teacher is someone that cares about his teaching but cares even more about the learning of the students
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Teach English in FuniuZhen, Meishan Shi
In this unit I learnt how important the roles of the teacher are, that the teacher's roles depends on the activities that the teacher wants to offer to the students
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