TESOL TEFL Reviews - Video Testimonial - Anastasia


In this TESOL review Anastasia from Russia describes her experience during the TESOL/TEFL course in Chiang Mai, Thailand. ITTT provides in-class TEFL/TESOL training courses in a wide variety of exciting and interesting locations worldwide including Thailand, Egypt, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Argentina, Costa Rica, England, the USA, Italy, Spain, France and the Czech Republic.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching. This convenient, highly structured design means that you can quickly get to grips with each section before moving onto the next.

This unit covered the topic of conditionals and reported speech. I learned about the five main conditionals: zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditionals. It is quite difficult for many students to differentiate the usage between the first and second conditionals as well as the third and mixed conditionals.I learned how you should treat the different types of classed and what activities you could use for larger classes. This unit also opened my eyes to possible situations in class and how you could react to those situations. I enjoyed everything I learned and I will use the task sheets and activities for future classes. Thank you for this wonderful experience.