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Teach English in Bajiao Zhen, Xinzhou Shi
Anna Toews ITTT: TEFL Online 8 July 2019 Did you know that there are more than 6,000 spoken languages in the world today? Can you think of a more important form of comprehensive communication with another human being than through the use of vocabulary? If you have ever found yourself in the predicament of being in a foreign country and not knowing the language, you may have noticed that you can get by engaging in shallow conversation simply by having previously learned a few basic words or phrases in their language
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Teach English in Doucun Zhen, Xinzhou Shi
Discipline in the classroom Taking in consideration the nature ofvthis essay, I felt compelled to start this essay by asking a few reflective questions: Why is it important to create an environment imbued with discipline in the classroom? Who are the protagonists that will create such an environment? To what extent does the teacher have a role to play? I will start by exploring some of these questions and surely others will emerge as we advance in our reflection
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Teach English in Fenghuang Zhen, Xinzhou Shi
Introduction Teaching is an important and demanding profession and an individual who wants to become a teacher is required to have the right skills, attitude and mind set to take on this responsibility
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