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H.K. - Philippines said:
tefl course has been really famous among those people who wants to start their career as a teacher, whether it is in an english speaking country, or it is more famous in a non-english speaking country. Can be some reasons behind it, but what normally the main reason is to travel to some other countries they've never been before (or they've been and fall in love with it!). For that reason, we can see that mostly those who apply for this course are the people who are not really an experienced teacher. They just feel like they are native english speakers, or non-native but fluent in english, and why not earning something with this advantage? For these inexperienced teachers, mostly they will just take whatever offered on their plate, and follow what they think they might like without knowing any further more informations that might help for their future career (e.g.: they think that they like children, then they prefer to teach kids. - which is normal). Having some informations before you decide what you want to do for the rest of your life (or at least for quite a long period) will be so much helpful - for this case, teaching english. We can classify this into two segments, teaching english for young learners and teaching english for adults. Even though some people might think that they love kids and they're good with them, but teaching them can be a different case. Especially if they're in a group, and different nationalities where english is not their mother language. One kid can be so energetic and active. Imagine if you have to handle 10 kids with the same frequency of energy in one class. Again, for an inexperienced teacher, this can be a nightmare. But this can be handled well if you know what to do. Planning your lesson carefully, choosing the right material, having more physical activity (e.g.: drawing, counting, etc), and using more visuals (e.g.:pictures, graphics, etc) will draw their attention easily. Remember, kids have a very short pans of attention! Once they lose their interest, they'll start to do whatever interest them. While for the adults, normally they're self-motivated already. They know what they want, they have expectation, and they're more aware of what they can and can't do. With this reason, discipline normally wouldn't be a problem with the adults. But planning the lesson for the adults also can be the same tricky and different on how you plan the lesson for the kids. Of course you don't want to give a drawing activity for the adults like the way you prepare it for the kids, do you? In the other hand, teaching kids can be so much fun, and easier at some way. Their positive energy can be so contagious and gives you a good feeling. And also they can absorb lesson better than the adults. As they're still young, they still learn new things naturally. And physiologically, some of their body part (especially mouth cavity) is not formed perfectly yet, which will help them to pronounce some words better than the adult. While for the adults this can be a little bit of a challenge. They already got set of language in their head, and they'll always compare the new language to the old set they've got. Why is it like this, why is it like that, why is it different with what I learn in my mother language, etc. Especially for some non-english countries with a very strong accent (e.g.: thailand, china, japan, Korea, etc), pronunciation can be very difficult! They learn how to pronounce words in a very different way to english so that when they learn english, it can be hard for them to adjust. But again, this suppose to be handled well when you know who you're dealing with and plan the lesson carefully. More drilling exercise hoped to be a solution to this problem. Those are some differences we can see between the young learners and adults. Hopefully by having a brief information like this, people will try to think first before they take off on their career. It will be good if this field of work can not-only for a temporary travel-funding thing, but you might consider it as your real future career.